A new relationship between the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the University of Cyprus is born thanks to INNOVAROOM.

The relationship between UPV and UCY started when Carla Sentieri Omarrementeria from the architectural department of UPV came into being after attending her presentation in the context of the inaugural Innovaroom meeting in December of 2018 in Moncada. At that time Carla presented her work done in the context of her academic and professional practice that had to do with innovative learning spaces. For us in the audience it was very interesting to juxtapose these case studies with comparable ones we had identified and used in our context in Cyprus. Ten months down the road we had invited people like Carla – that is people engaged both in academia and practice – to attend the conference we had organized wherein the Innovaroom findings were presented to approximately one hundred attendees. Unfortunately, Carla could not attend, and we proceeded to make plans for her to come and give a lecture during the spring semester of 2019-20 in the context of our departmental lecture series. A longer-term goal of that event would have been to initiate the establishment of an official Erasmus exchange agreement between our respective departments of Architecture at the Universities of Valencia and Cyprus respectively. Unfortunately, due to the COVID crisis this has temporarily postponed.

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