Creative activities start to emerge from Innovaroom

We begin our design and creation phases with a table design.

It was designed from the talent program students, made of wood, and adding legs with wheels to make it more functional. It was decorated with fragments from our own newspaper to personalize it, and the result is a table that allows you to work in a large group or in two smaller ones in a very original way.

This table has been very useful to the InnovaRoom team to hold our multiple meetings

We have also dared to add colour to our institute, since it is something very important both for the design of different spaces and for the mood of our students and teachers

Some of the corridors walls of our secondary school have also begun to have a little more colour.

Innovaroom is present in our Sport Day. T-shirts advertising our project, they are used by our students and teachers, more or less 1200-1300 people

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