Visiting different schools to observe how they innovate in their spaces.

The first school we visited was “DOMUS” in Godella, a town in Valencia close to our institute. It is a school that has from pre-school education to high school, therefore 4 different educational stages coexist in it.

They have been modifying spaces over time and have given great importance to the colour as well as to the creation of common and reflective spaces.

The outdoor space is also very relevant, with spaces for debates and outdoor meetings.

Visit to the Secondary School “Tirant lo Blanc” in Gandía, where we were very interested in the DOME designed and built by students and teachers of the wooden training cycle.

Visits to European Schools during InnovaRoom meetings and courses.


Visit to Center to Visual Arts and Research (CVAR): It is a museum in which special importance is given to the manipulation of objects and the modification of spaces and furniture with certain frequency. Therefore, there are displays with drawers and wheels, as well as movable panels.

The A.G. Leventis Gallery: It is a museum for all ages, in which the manipulation of the objects is allowed. We visit several rooms, to highlight the mobile panels that were accessed from the side and allowed to show or hide some works.

Youth MakerSapce Larnaka: It is a center divided into several rooms depending on the design and creation stages, which can be used by anyone. They have a large number of technological objects, such as printers and 3D glasses, as well as meeting or debate rooms.

St. Luke’s Elementary School: We visit the school and they show us the different resources that the center has. One of the teachers shows us the work he does with his students related to new technologies

Stelios Ioannou Learning Resources Resources: Finally we visit the University of Cyprus, a very recently built university, where there is a beautiful and very functional library with ample spaces for individual study, small group and even a section for a children’s library.

And the architecture department of the University of Cyprus, site of many of the meetings and presentations that were made.


Scuola Virgo Carmeli: This school was the venue for our meetings in Verona, Italy, in a room on the first floor which was accessed through the gymnasium.

Visiting the new school of Bosco Chiesanuova: This is a newly built school located in a rural setting, quite far from Verona. This will host the course to be held in November and hosted by Italy again. We were able to visit its facilities, to highlight classrooms such as technology, music, the gym or the flipped classroom.

Here is where we discovered and adapted the idea of decorating the steps to our institute. In our case, the annotations are oriented to reading animation.


Visit of an external learning space: a library located in a train station in Lejre. Travelers, and especially young people, can enjoy an offer of books and spaces where they can be read before and after their trip

Creative activities that start to emerge from Innovaroom

We begin our design and creation phases with a table design.

It was designed from the talent program students, made of wood, and adding legs with wheels to make it more functional. It was decorated with fragments from our own newspaper to personalize it, and the result is a table that allows you to work in a large group or in two smaller ones in a very original way.

This table has been very useful to the InnovaRoom team to hold our multiple meetings

We have also dared to add colour to our institute, since it is something very important both for the design of different spaces and for the mood of our students and teachers

Some of the corridors walls of our secondary school have also begun to have a little more colour.

Innovaroom is present in our Sport Day. T-shirts advertising our project, they are used by our students and teachers, more or less 1200-1300 people

Publishing InnovaRoom

During 2019, besides the multiple informative meetings with relatives, students and teachers, we had the visit of the major «falleras and falleros» of Moncada to whom we presented our project.

In addition, Josep Manel Casany, a Valencian actor who was interviewed for our newspaper El Tierno, was interested in InnovaRoom.

Also very important was the meeting held with members of the Moncada Merchants Association, in which the project was presented.

InnovaRoom is in the Media

You can find out infomation about the InnovaRoom activities in different media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can follow us!!

Introducing InnovaRoom to teachers and student’s families

Communication and explanation of the InnovaRoom Project and the different trips and meetings carried out

Thanks to these meetings the InnovaRoom Project managed to form a working group of teachers interested in the subject of space innovation. It was formalized with the teacher training center (CEFIRE) and we held one seminar in the 2018-19 academic year and another during this 2019-20 academic year.

Meeting with relatives of our current and future pupils.
Presentation of the project to relatives and students. Explanation of the activities carried out during the course in Cyprus
Presentation of the project to training course students. Explanation of the activities carried out during the course in Cyprus
Conducting a survey on the needs and importance of spaces in students

Publications in press «El Tierno» and more…

El Tierno Newspaper: 3 different publications related to the InnovaRoom Project, dated in May 2018, January 2019 and December 2019.

Other publications on paper and in digital format:

Publication in press and web “Levante, el Mercantil Valenciano” Newspaper. https://www.levante-emv.com/aula/2018/12/05/lies-tierno-galvan-coordina-erasmus/1804747.html  
Publication in press and web: “Las Provincias” Newspaper https://www.lasprovincias.es/horta-morvedre/empresarios-colaboran-innovaroom-20181121002340-ntvo.html
Publication in press and web: “Horta Noticias” Newspaper.

Meeting of the Innovaroom coordination team with AEMON, trading association of Moncada

Publication in press and web: “El periodico de aquí” Newspaper.

Meeting of the Innovaroom coordination team with AEMON, trading association of Moncadahttp://www.elperiodicodeaqui.com/epda-noticias/empresarios-y-comerciantes-de-moncada-participaran-en-innovaroom-/169951

The Government Delegate receives the Innovaroom team from El Tierno

Last week (december 2018), the delegate of the Government of the Valencian Community, Juan Carlos Fulgencio, received a representation from the Innovaroom team at the Government Delegation to receive information about the Erasmus + project coordinated by the IES Enrique Tierno Galván de Moncada.

Fulgencio was very interested in the information of the new innovative tendencies on the educational spaces. He received a dossier with the proposals intended to be developed together with the partners of the five countries that make up this group and that will take place over the next 18 months. The Government delegate announced that he will do his best to attend the first project launch meeting to be held in Moncada on December 17 and 18 and which will probably feature the prestigious designer Rosan Bosch, one of the most prominent representatives in the architecture and design sector.

Entrepeneurs and Traders from Moncada participate in Innovaroom

Traders from Moncada participate in Innovaroom.

On Thursday 15th November, the first meeting among members of the team Innovaroom, entrepeneurs and traders, took place. To the event, attended Paco Camps and Diego Romá, president and manager, respectively, of the entrepreneur association AEMON, the president of the trade association, Rafael Albert and the secretary of the association Susana Traver.

At the beginning of the meeting there were different groups of students, who explained to the attendants the ideas and proposals in which they are working to transform some spaces of the educational centre .Afterwards, they were informed about the project Innovaroom. Content aspects and developing strategies were treated as well as objectives proposed, and in a special way funding possibilities of the project beyond the approved funding for its development.

The members of Innovaroom explained the different proposals and seminars that are being developed for the next Kick Off that will take place 17th and 18th December where there will be a seminar of the architect Rosan Bosch. Entrepeneurs and traders showed a great interest for the project, not only for its own contents but for the projection that could involve their own business. Faced with the necessity of co-financing that was exposed, there was an agreement of presenting a proposal of advertising collaboration in the third next numbers of the newspaper “ El Tierno” so as the advertising posters that will be made  for the project and the commitment for all the attendants , to give all the information to the entrepeneurs and traders, to involve them and participate under the economical point of view or endowment fund in the project.

The” Generalitat Valenciana” celebrates the Erasmus + Project Day

On Thursday 25th October the Erasmus+ Project day took place in the Valencian Community, in the Ministry of Education. Members from all the Valencian Community , who participate in Erasmus + in all its different modalities, attended the presentation ceremony. The preponderant category of the centres was the one with exchange of students KA229. Nevertheless , in the category of the project KA 201 of strategic association, there are only 36 projects statewide, from which 8 are in the Valencian Community , and only 6 are the coordinators among those in which we find the project Innovaroom.

Rubén Trenzano, managing director of linguistic policy and multilingualism management, presided the ceremony and thanked the work in the centres in the Erasmus + Project,” in which Valencian Community is leader of participation “, claimed Trenzano. Afterwards he presented awards in order to accredit each center as a member of the Erasmus + Project.

Members of Innovaroom attend the initial working days Erasmus +

During the days 18 and 19 October, the initial support meeting of Strategic association Erasmus+ projects, took place in Almeria.

Two members of the project Innovaroom from IES Tierno Galván: Maria Belenguer and Alberto Martinez attended the meetings to collect information about the work lines needed to develop the project.

To begin with, they congratulated all the participants, since from 121 requests in the call of 2018 only 36 projects have been selected .Afterwards they informed about the commitments of being a part of a strategic association in the Erasmus+ program, as well as the management lines both from the economic point of view and administrative, dissemination and the impact analysis of the project.

The second working day was geared towards specific sessions depending on the modality of the education sector where the participants belong. School education ( KA 201) is the modality in which the project Innovaroom is involved, that along with vocational training (KA 202 ), Higher education (KA 203 ) and Adults education (KA 204) are the ones that represent the four specific categories.

El Tierno coordinates the European Project Innovaroom

The project Innovaroom is framed within the actions KA 201 of the Erasmus program+, and has as a main aim the innovation of all the educational spaces towards a more flexible and creative model that can include different learning methodologies ,as well as spaces more dynamic and collaborative focused on the student. The project led by the IES   Tierno Galván will count four European partners.

The project starts with the willingness of reflecting on new educational spaces within the European schools. Innovaroom involves training teachers to create new educational spaces where the students can have an active role in their own educational environment and in their learning planning.

The main goals are the training of future professionals in new educational spaces, the gradual introduction in a new learning methodology based on projects that can be developed in creative spaces , as well as researching new innovative and more dynamic teaching concepts and sharing them in different levels, including the partnership with other European centres.

The axiom “ learning by doing “ will be the starting point. For this reason the reflections and proposals will be implemented in pilot initiatives in the respective training centres  of each partner of the project.

Innovaroom has the following partnerships:

IES Enrique Tierno Galván , Spain.It has been the promoter of the initiative through their teachers and has worked together with the other partners in the definition of the project. The school centre has experience in different European projects. It is involved in the net  Escuelas creativas( creative schools) de Ferran Adrià, fostered by “ Telefónica Foundation”, which means a direct contact with other institutions highly motivated in school innovation.

Cyprus University,Cyprus. Contributes its academic knowledge in teaching methods of the future professionals who work in primary and secondary education furthermore they add its knowledge about architecture thanks to the involvement of the architecture departments. The university has many years of experience in the investigation and formation of the future teachers in this field. Besides, the Cypriot institution relies on a remarkable experience in projects related to the thematic debate of education, having participated in a project within the programme HORIZON 2020.

Instituto tecnológico Grigori Moisili, Rumania. It has a long profesional path in regard to the formation in profesional capacities and entrepeneurship for their Young students , and besides, it has an excellent relationship with its local environment. In this sense, they will contribute with their experience, focused on the training given to the teachers, apart from the vision of how to program an education open to establish synergies with the different local actors and how this can improve the quality of formation.