Entrepeneurs and Traders from Moncada participate in Innovaroom

Traders from Moncada participate in Innovaroom.

On Thursday 15th November, the first meeting among members of the team Innovaroom, entrepeneurs and traders, took place. To the event, attended Paco Camps and Diego Romá, president and manager, respectively, of the entrepreneur association AEMON, the president of the trade association, Rafael Albert and the secretary of the association Susana Traver.

At the beginning of the meeting there were different groups of students, who explained to the attendants the ideas and proposals in which they are working to transform some spaces of the educational centre .Afterwards, they were informed about the project Innovaroom. Content aspects and developing strategies were treated as well as objectives proposed, and in a special way funding possibilities of the project beyond the approved funding for its development.

The members of Innovaroom explained the different proposals and seminars that are being developed for the next Kick Off that will take place 17th and 18th December where there will be a seminar of the architect Rosan Bosch. Entrepeneurs and traders showed a great interest for the project, not only for its own contents but for the projection that could involve their own business. Faced with the necessity of co-financing that was exposed, there was an agreement of presenting a proposal of advertising collaboration in the third next numbers of the newspaper “ El Tierno” so as the advertising posters that will be made  for the project and the commitment for all the attendants , to give all the information to the entrepeneurs and traders, to involve them and participate under the economical point of view or endowment fund in the project.

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