Innovaroom gives an impulse to the project of inclusive playgrounds

On Wednesday, September 25, a meeting was held between the participants in Innovaroom and the representation of some of the ESO and Training Cycles departments of the center. The purpose of the meeting was to inform and show the educational spaces that had been visited in Copenhagen and reflect on the possibility of incorporating some of the initiatives that are carried out there.

The previous course created different work groups, among which the one of inclusive courtyards stands out. This course has devoted hours to carry out some of the proposals presented the previous year and also, with the new initiatives that have been proposed from the experience in Denmark, the possibility of incorporating innovative initiatives in the open spaces that the center has.

One of the aspects that will be worked throughout the course will be mobility and access to the center on bikes and skates and try to find the most optimal way of living among the educational and environmentally friendly community.

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