Last May 4th we held our last project meeting via zoom. Due to the current situation in relation to COVID19, it has been impossible for us to hold our last transnational meeting face-to-face, thus missing out on knowing the center of our team in Romania.

The agenda for the meeting was as follows:

Despite this issue, the closure of the project was very productive, reaching important agreements for our project sustainability plan, as well as looking for topics of common interest for a new project or the possibility of giving Innovaroom continuity with another project.

We will keep in touch, for sure, sharing our findings, as well as new ideas that may emerge. It has been a great team, full of good ideas and eager to work. Thank you!!

Environmental awareness and open spaces mark the stay at Innovaroom in Copenhagen.

On September 12, 13 and 14, the second meeting of the Innovaroom project took place in Copenhagen. Throughout the three days, different activities and meetings were held that showed good practices regarding educational spaces in the Danish country.

During the first day, an assessment was made of the meeting in Verona and the guidelines were set to finish consensus on the issues to be discussed in the next course, which will take place in Verona from November 3 to 8.

Later participants learned first-hand how the spaces are developed in a public center, specifically the Absalom center in Roskilde, which had not only a large number of open spaces in harmony with nature and the environment, but also a very interesting proposal have doors or walls in the center. After the activity, there was a guided tour of the city, Roskilde, the former capital of Denmark.

The next day was developed in open environments. On the one hand, a curious library that was born at train station located in Lejre was visited. Travelers, and especially young people, can enjoy an offer of books and spaces where they can be read before and after their trip. On the other hand, a practical example of what is known as Open School was visited. A very interesting proposal that is made outdoors and where students learn in a manipulative way and in contact with nature the ancestral origins and the way to relate to the environment as respectfully as possible.

The experience was highly rewarding, as all participants showed great interest in the practical examples and the possibility of applying some of them in their respective countries.

First Innovaroom meeting in Verona

After the course held in Cyprus, on May 17 and 18 the meeting scheduled for Verona took place. During these days, the balance of the course was taken and the lines for the next one that will take place there were outlined. In addition, administrative issues were reviewed as well as the dissemination of the project and centers were visited where good educational practices are carried out.

During the first day three sessions were dedicated from the organizational point of view. An analysis of the dissemination activities that were being carried out in the respective countries of the Innovaroom project was made. During the second session the documentation of the Cyprus course was collected, on which a very positive assessment was made. Regarding the third session, work began on the Verona course and changes were agreed on the dates of both the Copenhagen meeting and the Verona course. The second day was more practical since the Bosco Chiesanuova primary and secondary school was visited, a center located in a very special place that has interesting facilities and working methods. Finally, there was a guided tour of Verona

The InnovaRoom Project starts with the Kick-off Meeting in Moncada.

Last 17 and 18 December 2018 the kick-off meeting of the InnovaRoom project took place. For two days, representatives from each participating country (Romania, Cyprus, Italy, Denmark and Spain) shared different sessions to develop the agenda proposed by the hosts. Those aspects that needed to be specified and decided for the proper development of the project that will last 18 months were also discussed.

There were two intense days of meetings that began with a presentation from each of the project’s partner institutions, as well as a brief explanation of the project, mainly emphasizing the aims of the project, expected results and road map.

The explanation of the budget assigned to each of the countries was also very important, as well as the study of the cooperation agreement between the partners.

After the meal, three architects from the Polytechnic University of Valencia attended the meeting. They made a presentation about their work, related to innovation in educational spaces. Some
students from our high school also attended the presentation.

Examples of good practices and discussion by:

Sentieri Omarrementeria, Carla

Profesora Titular del Departamento de proyectos arquitectónicos de la Escuela de Arquitectura de la UPV

Mejía Vallejo, Clara Elena 

Profesora Contratada Doctora del Departamento de proyectos arquitectónicos de la Escuela de Arquitectura de la UPV

Cardells Mosteiro, Paula

Técnico Superior de Programas de Intercambio

Internacional de la Escuela de Arquitectura de la UPV

On December 18 the InnovaRoom team was received by the Mayor of Moncada at the City Hall, there, she welcomed us and was updated on the project and its proposed objectives.

After that, a working session was held to continue dealing with the more formal aspects of the project, such as communication activities and impact, quality plan and risk management, definition of last project roles…

To finish, the different countries presented some possible logos for the project and it was agreed to carry out a vote via google drive to choose who would represent our project. In the case of our IES, the logos presented were designed by a group of our secondary school students.