Members of Innovaroom attend the initial working days Erasmus +

During the days 18 and 19 October, the initial support meeting of Strategic association Erasmus+ projects, took place in Almeria.

Two members of the project Innovaroom from IES Tierno Galván: Maria Belenguer and Alberto Martinez attended the meetings to collect information about the work lines needed to develop the project.

To begin with, they congratulated all the participants, since from 121 requests in the call of 2018 only 36 projects have been selected .Afterwards they informed about the commitments of being a part of a strategic association in the Erasmus+ program, as well as the management lines both from the economic point of view and administrative, dissemination and the impact analysis of the project.

The second working day was geared towards specific sessions depending on the modality of the education sector where the participants belong. School education ( KA 201) is the modality in which the project Innovaroom is involved, that along with vocational training (KA 202 ), Higher education (KA 203 ) and Adults education (KA 204) are the ones that represent the four specific categories.

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