IES Enrique Tierno Galván – Moncada (Spain)

It is the promoter of the initiative through his teaching staff, and has collaborated with the rest of the partners in the definition of the project. The center has experience in European projects and pedagogical innovation projects. Participates in the Ferran Adrià Creative Schools network promoted by the Telefonica Foundation, which implies direct contact with other educational entities highly motivated in the field of innovation in school.

Muserum – Denmark

It aims to promote museums as places of learning and developing of creativity, especially that these places also come increasingly considered for their educational value and their potential for regulated education. In this sense, Muserum has prepared sensory exhibitions for children under 7 years old, where children could stimulate creativity and intelligence, having the freedom to express themselves freely.

Polo Europeo della Conoscenza – Italy

Through their different experiences in European projects, they can provide valuable information and practices as to how to help classrooms become «Innovative Ecosystems» or «Creative Ecosystems». They have experience in the participatory re-definition of educational spaces, through practical laboratories where students contribute through their drawings and ideas in the transformation of classrooms.

Liceul Tehnologic Grigori Moisil – Braila Romania

It has a long career in relation to training in professional and skills for his young students, in addition to an excellent relationship with his local environment. In this sense, they will provide a greater focus related to the content of the training given to teachers, in addition to the vision of how to plan an open education to establish synergies with the different local actors and how this can improve the quality of training.

University of Cyprus

They bring their academic knowledge in teaching methods of future professionals who work in primary and secondary education and, in addition, knowledge about architecture thanks to the participation of the architecture department. The University has many years of research experience and a remarkable experience in projects related to the subject of education, having participated in a project framed in the HORIZON 2020 program.

InnovaRoom Project

The Project requested to Europe within the Erasmus + exchanges of good practices aims at the innovation of the most flexible and creative educational spaces that accommodate the different learning methodologies. Student-centered, dynamic and collaborative spaces. The project activities are expected to reach a total of 2500 participants with the collaboration of five partners from different countries. The requested budget reaches 79,000€.

The project stems from the desire to create new educational spaces within European schools. InnovaRoom aims to train teachers who will promote new educational spaces where students can play an active role in the design of their educational environment and in the planning of their learning. The main objectives are the training of future professionals in new educational spaces; gradually introduce the new learning methodology based on creative spaces as well as research innovative, more dynamic teaching concepts and share them at various levels that includes collaboration with other centers in Europe.

The “learning by doing” method will be applied – Learning by doing -, recreating the classroom environment within creative educational spaces. Then, the results of these courses and the proposals developed will be applied in pilot initiatives in the respective training centers of each project partner. Innovaroom hopes to contribute to the change in classroom planning. Training through practical workshops, the predisposition towards innovation in learning and the proactive search for training and professional opportunities among teachers. The project wants to establish a “Cooperation Network” through social networks, to give visibility and consolidate the InnovaRoom network as a voluntary association of public and private entities throughout Europe, always with a cooperation and teamwork.