Polo Europeo della Conescenza disseminates in the media

The activities carried on by Europole has been done at different level (local, regional, national) and involving different target audience (teachers, decision makers, policy makers, general public). Here you are some of them:

And some publications in their newsletter

Presentation of InnovaRoom in different meetings of Erasmus+ Projects: SESHome in Ankara (Turkey) with partipants from Turkey, Poland and Slovenia, Let Everybody Inside in Akcakoca (Turkey) with partipants from Turkey and Portugal, EduB612 in Valldolid (Spain) with participants from Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Turkey and SparkSeeds in Porto Potenza Picena (Italy), participants from Portugal and Poland.

Presentation of Innovaroom’s training during a teachers’ training about the memory in Verona, training course for teachers about robotics against bullying held in Valladolid (Spain)

And some publications in the media.

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