The Government Delegate receives the Innovaroom team from El Tierno.

Last week (december 2018), the delegate of the Government of the Valencian Community, Juan Carlos Fulgencio, received a representation from the Innovaroom team at the Government Delegation to receive information about the Erasmus + project coordinated by the IES Enrique Tierno Galván de Moncada.

Fulgencio was very interested in the information of the new innovative tendencies on the educational spaces. He received a dossier with the proposals intended to be developed together with the partners of the five countries that make up this group and that will take place over the next 18 months.

The Government delegate announced that he will do his best to attend the first project launch meeting to be held in Moncada on December 17 and 18 and which will probably feature the prestigious designer Rosan Bosch, one of the most prominent representatives in the architecture and design sector.

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