This course starts the Innovaroom 2.0 seminar

After the conclusions of the seminar that precedes the current one and that took place the previous year, the team that makes up the European Innovaroom project, together with Cefire and a group of colleagues from the center who have joined, launches the new Innovaroom 2.0 seminar.

This new initiative was born with the intention of completing the objectives designed in the previous seminar. The amount of ideas and experiences that were generated meant spending time for reflection that did not allow the ideas that were emerging to be put into practice. It is with this objective that the new seminar is born, transforming ideas into reality and being able to analyze the academic results that they entail.

The initiative of inclusive patios is born. After the analysis of the recreation areas that the center has, the decision is made to modify spaces to achieve a more inclusive playground in which soccer is no longer the only activity that is carried out and that students can have different alternatives that adapt to your needs and motivations. For this reason, it was decided that different sports spots would be organized in the courtyard where each one could practice different sports according to their interests.

Another aspect that is implemented is the possibility of building multipurpose outdoor furniture that allows it to be used as a classroom outside at any given time. For this, different catalogs were studied and it was also contemplated that the students themselves could build some stands with the technology teachers. In this regard, we also spoke with colleague Andreas from Cyprus, who communicated the possibility of designing a small project whenever we could get the materials, for which we spoke with representatives of the Educational Inspectorate, experts in Vocational Training who could bring together students training in professions  like metal or wood.

The last sessions of the seminar have had to be suspended due to the pandemic that is plaguing the world and therefore, some of the ideas have had to be postponed until they return to the classroom, which will soon come soon.

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