Visits to European Schools during InnovaRoom meetings and courses.


Visit to Center to Visual Arts and Research (CVAR): It is a museum in which special importance is given to the manipulation of objects and the modification of spaces and furniture with certain frequency. Therefore, there are displays with drawers and wheels, as well as movable panels.

The A.G. Leventis Gallery: It is a museum for all ages, in which the manipulation of the objects is allowed. We visit several rooms, to highlight the mobile panels that were accessed from the side and allowed to show or hide some works.

Youth MakerSapce Larnaka: It is a center divided into several rooms depending on the design and creation stages, which can be used by anyone. They have a large number of technological objects, such as printers and 3D glasses, as well as meeting or debate rooms.

St. Luke’s Elementary School: We visit the school and they show us the different resources that the center has. One of the teachers shows us the work he does with his students related to new technologies

Stelios Ioannou Learning Resources Resources: Finally we visit the University of Cyprus, a very recently built university, where there is a beautiful and very functional library with ample spaces for individual study, small group and even a section for a children’s library.

And the architecture department of the University of Cyprus, site of many of the meetings and presentations that were made.


Scuola Virgo Carmeli: This school was the venue for our meetings in Verona, Italy, in a room on the first floor which was accessed through the gymnasium.

Visiting the new school of Bosco Chiesanuova: This is a newly built school located in a rural setting, quite far from Verona. This will host the course to be held in November and hosted by Italy again. We were able to visit its facilities, to highlight classrooms such as technology, music, the gym or the flipped classroom.

Here is where we discovered and adapted the idea of decorating the steps to our institute. In our case, the annotations are oriented to reading animation.


Visit of an external learning space: a library located in a train station in Lejre. Travelers, and especially young people, can enjoy an offer of books and spaces where they can be read before and after their trip

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