El Tierno coordinates the European Project Innovaroom

The project Innovaroom is framed within the actions KA 201 of the Erasmus program+, and has as a main aim the innovation of all the educational spaces towards a more flexible and creative model that can include different learning methodologies ,as well as spaces more dynamic and collaborative focused on the student. The project led by the IES   Tierno Galván will count four European partners.

The project starts with the willingness of reflecting on new educational spaces within the European schools. Innovaroom involves training teachers to create new educational spaces where the students can have an active role in their own educational environment and in their learning planning.

The main goals are the training of future professionals in new educational spaces, the gradual introduction in a new learning methodology based on projects that can be developed in creative spaces , as well as researching new innovative and more dynamic teaching concepts and sharing them in different levels, including the partnership with other European centres.

The axiom “ learning by doing “ will be the starting point. For this reason the reflections and proposals will be implemented in pilot initiatives in the respective training centres  of each partner of the project.

Innovaroom has the following partnerships:

IES Enrique Tierno Galván , Spain.It has been the promoter of the initiative through their teachers and has worked together with the other partners in the definition of the project. The school centre has experience in different European projects. It is involved in the net  Escuelas creativas( creative schools) de Ferran Adrià, fostered by “ Telefónica Foundation”, which means a direct contact with other institutions highly motivated in school innovation.

Cyprus University,Cyprus. Contributes its academic knowledge in teaching methods of the future professionals who work in primary and secondary education furthermore they add its knowledge about architecture thanks to the involvement of the architecture departments. The university has many years of experience in the investigation and formation of the future teachers in this field. Besides, the Cypriot institution relies on a remarkable experience in projects related to the thematic debate of education, having participated in a project within the programme HORIZON 2020.

Instituto tecnológico Grigori Moisili, Rumania. It has a long profesional path in regard to the formation in profesional capacities and entrepeneurship for their Young students , and besides, it has an excellent relationship with its local environment. In this sense, they will contribute with their experience, focused on the training given to the teachers, apart from the vision of how to program an education open to establish synergies with the different local actors and how this can improve the quality of formation.

Polo Europeo della Conoscenza, Italia. Through its different experiences in European projects, they add information and practical experience on how to transform the classroom in “ Innovative ecosystems “ or “ Creative Ecosystems”. It has experience in the re-definition of the educative spaces through practical laboratories where the students bring about their ideas of the classroom transformation through designs.

Muserumm, Dinamarca. They have the purpose to promote museums as learning places, being at the same time creative and entrepreneur spaces. Their main goal is to transform them in places considered more for its educational value and its potentiality in the traditional education. In these sense Muserum has prepared sensorial exhibitions for children under seven years old, where they can stimulate creativity and intelligence, having the freedom of expressing themselves freely.

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