Environmental awareness and open spaces mark the stay at Innovaroom in Copenhagen.

On September 12, 13 and 14, the second meeting of the Innovaroom project took place in Copenhagen. Throughout the three days, different activities and meetings were held that showed good practices regarding educational spaces in the Danish country.

During the first day, an assessment was made of the meeting in Verona and the guidelines were set to finish consensus on the issues to be discussed in the next course, which will take place in Verona from November 3 to 8.

Later participants learned first-hand how the spaces are developed in a public center, specifically the Absalom center in Roskilde, which had not only a large number of open spaces in harmony with nature and the environment, but also a very interesting proposal have doors or walls in the center. After the activity, there was a guided tour of the city, Roskilde, the former capital of Denmark.

The next day was developed in open environments. On the one hand, a curious library that was born at train station located in Lejre was visited. Travelers, and especially young people, can enjoy an offer of books and spaces where they can be read before and after their trip. On the other hand, a practical example of what is known as Open School was visited. A very interesting proposal that is made outdoors and where students learn in a manipulative way and in contact with nature the ancestral origins and the way to relate to the environment as respectfully as possible.

The experience was highly rewarding, as all participants showed great interest in the practical examples and the possibility of applying some of them in their respective countries.

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