Experiences from the interventions in primary school – University of Cyprus

As part of dissemination activities of Innovaroom, UCY (University of Cyprus) team organized a workshop for teaching basic architecture design in primary students grade 3 and 4 and investigated students’ idea of their ideal future schools.

Throughout the workshop, the students learned about basic architecture design knowledge and saw different examples of school architecture and classroom design of modern schools. Also, the workshop helped classroom discussion for how students’ learning affected by classroom and school design.

The way the teaching topic was linked to architects and educators, enabled the students to develop innovative ideas about different school and classroom designing. Overall, the most of the student’s artifact were represented a pool in their ideals future schools and that give us implication that they want a school where they can feel relaxed and enjoyable.

 All those information, were discussed and developed further during the Innovaroom training meeting in Italy on November 2019.

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