First Innovaroom meeting in Verona

After the course held in Cyprus, on May 17 and 18 the meeting scheduled for Verona took place. During these days, the balance of the course was taken and the lines for the next one that will take place there were outlined. In addition, administrative issues were reviewed as well as the dissemination of the project and centers were visited where good educational practices are carried out.

During the first day three sessions were dedicated from the organizational point of view. An analysis of the dissemination activities that were being carried out in the respective countries of the Innovaroom project was made. During the second session the documentation of the Cyprus course was collected, on which a very positive assessment was made. Regarding the third session, work began on the Verona course and changes were agreed on the dates of both the Copenhagen meeting and the Verona course. The second day was more practical since the Bosco Chiesanuova primary and secondary school was visited, a center located in a very special place that has interesting facilities and working methods. Finally, there was a guided tour of Verona

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