InnovaRoom influences the construction of a new School in Fermignano-Italy.

The most important outcome of Innovaroom in Italy is the modification of the building plan of the new school in Fermignano (Pesaro e Urbino). One representative of the municipality has participated to the training course in Cyprus, since the mayor has demonstrated an high interest in the project’s aims, that were perfectly matching Fermignano’s municipality plans to set up a new educational pole. During the training the participant collected ideas and proposal that has been applied to the final design of the new school structure.

The changes they introduced thanks to our analysis were the following ones, written by the responsible architect about the changes in the design of the school building:

“The drafting phase of the executive project, while maintaining in substance the volumetric and distribution trend set in the definitive design phase, was the occasion to improve and offer further potential to the usability of the spaces. A valid contribution in this direction and at the same time a confirmation of the validity of the general approach of the project, were the observations and indications emerged during the international workshop reported by the deputee Ubaldo Ragnoni.

– Rationalization of spaces

The 20 classrooms were grouped into blocks of 4 sections interspersed with toilets and exits to the garden. The space for supplementary activities (music, dance, theater), remaining located in the center of the building, has been modified with a view towards the park so as to be able to expand the activities towards the outside, also by taking advantage of the large canopy located at the above the opening windows.

– Flexibility of the spaces

The grouped classrooms have all been equipped with a sliding wall which allows them to communicate two by two. This allows an expansion of the possible intercycle teaching activities.

The aforementioned space for supplementary activities can also be divided, through mobile panels, into 3 spaces of reduced dimensions in order to allow activities for small groups. The same system also allows you to expand the classroom to include the internal connective space so as to be able to accommodate activities that involve the entire institute such as theater performances, assemblies, exhibitions.

The spaces for inter-cycle activities can be modulated through mobile furnishings such as bookcases on wheels or curtains so that they can also be used in small groups or simultaneously by different groups.

– Contact with the outside

Each classroom extends into its corresponding outdoor area where students can take lessons outdoors sitting on the lawn or where they can grow a vegetable garden. In fact, the classrooms have a large sliding panel window that connects it to the outside.

Collective spaces are also in communication with the outside. The gym, auditorium and intercycle classrooms are also in visual and physical communication towards the park. The long central path, in particular, is interspersed with transversal paths with glass doors to maintain visual contact with the outside and to allow easy natural ventilation.

– Internal landscape

The connective space between the classrooms is a path that has a total length of more than 90 meters. This long passage presents pauses consisting of the transversal cuts between one block of classrooms and the other that bring light and are open to the outside. Halfway through, the space expands to form a large covered square, an informal space that can be used freely thanks to the presence of mobile furnishings. Here some niches, obtained along the perimeter walls, suitably furnished, can be used as spaces for individual study.

The dividing walls between the classroom and corridor are equipped with windows so as to be able to expand the space and give the opportunity to visually communicate the interior of the classrooms. These «screens» are also a tool to expose the work of one’s class to the rest of the school community. Below them, towards the connective, benches can be mounted for rest during moments of recreation.

– Open for the community Some spaces have a planimetric location that could allow their use outside school hours. In particular, the gym has an independent entrance. The space for supplementary activities (auditorium) is accessible from the outside thanks to a pedestrian path that connects to the parking lot. The classrooms for supplementary activities are also located near the access points to the building so that they can eventually be used so as not to invade the spaces pertaining to the educational sections.

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