Innovaroom is presented at the «Classroom of the Future» organized by Cefire

Manuel Garcia, coordinator of the Innovaroom Project, presented last Tuesday, September 17, a presentation under the title “Flexible spaces in ESO”.

García shared with the attendees the work in which the center is immersed through the Erasmus + Innovaroom Project. After disseminating the activities that are being carried out, a climate of interest and motivation was created that led many of the attendees to form a group to reflect on educational spaces and the need to adapt them to new needs.

The presentation was framed in the «Classroom of the Future» Conference that took place in the Valencian Community on September 17 and 24. The event was organized by the Cefire of Valencia, which was attended by 50 people of primary and secondary education with a common goal, to know the innovative proposals that are being made regarding educational spaces. Throughout the Day there were several centers that explained their proposals with a common objective: to outline what could be the Classroom of the Future.

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