Innovaroom motivates the development of a seminar at the center

The Innovaroom project has involved knowledge and training on innovative educational spaces, but in turn, has generated the development of new related initiatives. CEFIRE (Center for Training and Educational Resources of the Valencian Community) supported the development of a seminar in the center that would allow us to reflect on educational spaces and that this would mean putting into practice some of the ideas that were being contributed for the benefit of an education innovative and quality.

During the months of October 2018 until May 2019, different sessions were held in which the lines of work of Innovaroom were conveyed and traced and ideas were generated to disseminate the initiatives to the entire educational community. In the same way, we also worked to collect data on the impact of the different proposals made in the different sectors, to be able to modify or polish those things that were not having the expected result.

The compilation of all the information generated by surveys and meetings served to draw a line of work on those aspects that are considered essential in favor of innovative educational spaces. For this reason, this seminar ended with a clear proposal for continuation in the following course that would serve to put into practice the object of analysis that had been carried out in it.

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