The first Innovaroom course takes place in Cyprus

From March 1 to 6, the first of the two courses to be developed in the Innovaroom project took place. The University of Nicosia by Andreas Saavides was in charge of organizing an interesting agenda in which four members of the Spanish team participated.

After a first meeting of the participants, the course objectives and their development throughout the days were announced. The next day began with three presentations by the organizing team.

On Sunday 3, Saavides made a theoretical presentation on innovative spaces both from an architectural and bioclimatic point of view and subsequently, a practice was carried out in which all the participating members by groups made an educational space proposal without losing the point of creative and functional view.

From an indoor job, you will see practical examples of the city. Different museums were visited throughout the stay: the Center Art Gallery, or Leventis Gallery and the Youth Makerspace Larnaka. All of them with a common element: they are an innovative space bet in which mobile partitions are played and functional furniture adaptable to multiple work methodologies.

On Tuesday 5, participants continue to visit places where good practices are carried out regarding innovative spaces. This time in the field of teaching is the ST primary school, Luke’s Elementary and the Stelios Ioannu Learning Resource library (located at the University of Cyprus). In both there is an interesting commitment to innovation in furniture and arrangement in space and in both of them, it is possible to carry out some activities in which the visiting group interacts with Cypriots.

The last day we work on a plan of a new building in which participants can contribute ideas and suggestions they have observed and shared during the stay regarding the layout of the space and the importance of natural lighting, as well as versatile furniture and colorful that allows adapting to the multiple methodological needs of an educational space. It should be noted that the participants were very satisfied with the experience both from the point of view of the organization led by Andreas Saavides and the cultural exchange and good practices that the first course of the project has meant.

Here you are some of the presentations made during those days by lecturers from the Department of Education and Architecture of the University of Cyprus

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