The” Generalitat Valenciana” celebrates the Erasmus + Project Day

On Thursday 25th October the Erasmus+ Project day took place in the Valencian Community, in the Ministry of Education. Members from all the Valencian Community , who participate in Erasmus + in all its different modalities, attended the presentation ceremony. The preponderant category of the centres was the one with exchange of students KA229. Nevertheless , in the category of the project KA 201 of strategic association, there are only 36 projects statewide, from which 8 are in the Valencian Community , and only 6 are the coordinators among those in which we find the project Innovaroom.

Rubén Trenzano, managing director of linguistic policy and multilingualism management, presided the ceremony and thanked the work in the centres in the Erasmus + Project,” in which Valencian Community is leader of participation “, claimed Trenzano. Afterwards he presented awards in order to accredit each center as a member of the Erasmus + Project.

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